Ludum Dare 40

  • The basics to play Tower of Mana you must understand that your character gains mana constantly and unfortunately, if your mana fills completely, you DIE. Enemies are pure mana in the form of your greatest fears, if they hit you, they will give you mana! Beat all the 5 levels to win! Good luck.

  • You can play both on your keyboard or XBox Controller.

  • Space or A (xbox) - Jump
  • Enter/Return or X (xbox) - Attack
  • Left Shift or B (xbox) - Dash
  • WASD or DPad (xbox) - To move and Aim

All of your actions consumes ALL of your mana, the greatest the mana spent the stronger is the action, you will jump higher, dash longer and shoot bigger projectiles. BEWARE: Do not let your mana fill completly!

Good luck and have Fun!

Release date Dec 05, 2017
AuthorBreezeblocks Game Studio
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 40
Average sessionA few minutes
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